Lakewood Nepali-Americans react to devastating earthquake

Northeast Nepali-Americans worry about family and friends


is a specialty store that caters to Nepali-Americans.

Here employees aren't just stocking shelves, working the register and helping customers, instead they're keeping an eye on the internet.

"I'm going to be watching all day, I have internet right here" said Tara Sharma.

Like many others from Nepal who live here in Northeast Ohio, Sharma is worried about friends and family back home.  He is not the only one.

"We have been watching since morning and people are dying" said Deo Dhl.

Dhl who was born in Nepal now calls Ohio home.  Even so, she is thinking about everyone she knew back in Nepal and is hoping people here in the United States can help.

"They can raise money clothes or they can just pray for them" said Dhl.

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