Motion denied in CPD trial

Motion denied in CPD trial
Officer Michael Brelo is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the deadly chase and shooting. (Source: WOIO)

A judge has denied a motion by the defense to throw out manslaughter charges against a Cleveland police officer.

Michael Brelo is currently on trial, charged in the deadly 2012 shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Judge John O'Donnell ended Wednesday listening to arguments from the defense and prosecution over what is known as a Rule 29 motion. Rule 29 is basically a rule that the state had not proven its case and the defendant wants the charges dropped.

Williams and Russell, both unarmed, were gunned down in the Heritage Middle School parking lot in East Cleveland at the end of the chase. A group of 13 officers fired 137 shots. Prosecutors say Officer Brelo fired 49 of those shots.

Officer Brelo wanted a judge to decide his fate instead of a jury. Court is expected to resume Monday. The defense will present its case. The defense team is expected to take about a week to present its side.

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