Are Cleveland Police ready for Brelo verdict?

Are Cleveland Police ready for Brelo verdict?

Closing statements in the manslaughter trial against

could begin early next week, which means the judge could hand down his ruling later next week. Are our city leaders ready for the public's reaction to the verdict?

The hope is that Cleveland never looks like

on Monday, with Baltimoreans destroying their own city in protest of the death of Freddie Gray. Cleveland will have its next test when the verdict comes down for the trial of Officer Brelo in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Cleveland has been tested several times in the past six months with marches and protests for



. We've seen officers forms lines, but ultimately, let protestors take control of streets to an extent. We've also seen Police Chief Calvin Williams play an active role.

"We're asking people to be peaceful. They can scream and shout. That's their right," Chief Williams told 19 Action News back in November when


On Tuesday, reporter Dan DeRoos called and e-mailed

, the

and the

to ask if they are prepared for an adverse reaction to a Brelo verdict that could come some time next week.

The questions asked:

-Is there a plan?

-Has CPD put any other departments on notice for mutual aid?

-How quickly and how many officers can CPD mount up to protect against a violent mob?

We're still waiting for a response from the city.
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