Catherine Bosley's experiment with acupuncture

Catherine Bosley's experiment with acupuncture

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - With swimsuit season just around the corner, many people are thinking about weight loss.

If you haven't tried it, acupuncture can look a little uncomfortable. But the idea is to make you feel good.

Some believe the practice can leave you feeling so good that cravings and addictions go out the window.

"You get resolution of addictive compulsive patterns which is many times tied to our eating," says Dr. Keith Jordan of the Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood.

Dr. Jordan explains why acupuncture is being used to help fight food cravings.

"Many times those are coping mechanisms. We're reaching for something to make us feel good because we don't feel good in some way," says Dr. Jordan.

19 Action News anchor Catherine Bosley is a self-proclaimed "chocoholic," so she gave acupuncturist Peter Gellar a try.

"If you feel the needles going in, that's just a little insertion sensation, you know a little prickly," Gellar explained. "Hopefully you feel minimal or none of that because it doesn't have any therapeutic value."

Gellar began his session with some questions to get a better idea what's going on. Then he decides where the needles will go.

"People locate points in different ways. I do it by feel," said Gellar.

The needles are long and thin.

Catherine says she could not feel most of the needles. Others though felt almost like a tiny shock.

"That is the chi sensation when you start feeling that," explained Gellar.

"It's lifting cravings right out of me," Catherine said.

It's all about balancing the so-called chi. In other words, the acupuncture is designed to reorganize your body's energy to flow more smoothly, which could boost your metabolism as well as bring a sense of peace.

When asked about the stigma of acupuncture, Gellar points to centuries of evidence.

"I say all things science hasn't yet proven, okay, society and civilization has used effectively for thousands of years," said Gellar.

Catherine says that once you get past the initial anxiety of feeling like a human pin cushion, acupuncture can be quite relaxing.

It is suggested that anyone interested in acupuncture plan to attend eight sessions. They last close to an hour.

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