Guest Editorial: Save Lakewood Hospital

Guest Editorial: Save Lakewood Hospital

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - I'm Bob Soltis for "Save Lakewood Hospital."

Did you know that despite what Mayor Summers and Cleveland Clinic would have you believe, there are options to keep Lakewood Hospital open?

Did you know a request for a proposal to take over the hospital was never received by St. Vincent's Charity Hospital? Did you know the Clinic has been undermining Lakewood Hospital – for example, moving cardiology and neurology services from Lakewood Hospital to Fairview Hospital?

The mayor and the Clinic argue the trend is toward outpatient services. As a retired administrative judge, who spent most of the last four years deciding inpatient payments, I can assure you inpatient hospital services are very much alive. Can you imagine how much more profitable the hospital would be with those services?

What Mayor Summers and Cleveland Clinic would have you believe are just that – beliefs. They're not facts. At one time, we believed the Earth was flat, but that wasn't a fact.

The fact is Lakewood Hospital isn't dead yet, is profitable, and can continue serving Lakewood residents' needs.

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