DDIW: Be Forever Furless

DDIW: Be Forever Furless

Pet owners often find fur around the house and on clothing. The Lilly Brush "Be Forever Furless" is a reusable lint brush could take care of that, but we asked Danielle, Does it Work?

Thanks to Adrian Fox's job at an animal shelter, he has more than one best friend: dogs, cats, and a lint roller.

"I try to keep up with it, but it's just a lot of fur sometimes," Adrian said.

So Adrian tried the "


It claims its nylon bristles can pick up "lint and pet hair with just a few quick sweeps."

The video on its website shows it easily brushing away pet hair on furniture.

The makers say it also works on clothing, bedding, car upholstery, and carpets.

Adrian first tested the brush with a blanket popular with the dogs.

"It's got some resistance to it. But it is really, really pulling that up really well," Adrian said.

Adrian got a handful of hair after a few strokes with the "Be Forever Furless."

"I am impressed. A lint roller would take a long time," Adrian said.

After cleaning the brush with water, Adrian tried it on a cat's blanket.

"Oh, that works really well," Adrian said, as the brush moved smoothly across the blanket.

Next, Adrian introduced the "Be Forever Furless" to something that will never be furless: a dog named Ally.

"And it's spring time, so she's getting a little bit of that winter coat gone. As you can see, sometimes you look like you're wearing a rug," Adrian said.

With Ally back in her room, Adrian tries to clean up her mess.

"It's missing some fur here," Adrian said.

Adrian says he would prefer a lint roller on his sweater.

The final test is in Adrian's car, and a seat covered in dog hair.

"I think it's having a little bit of a difficulty with angles here. Because as I'm trying to go up the side of the seat it's actually catching it and losing some hair into the corners. That might be vacuum territory," Adrian said.

But for the most part it seems the Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless could be a forever friend.

The company's website says the brush can work better when it's damp. To clean it, you just use water and a little soap.

We found the brush for as low as $15 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Customers gave it four-and-a-half stars out of five on Amazon.

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