Montel Williams issues apology to Amanda Berry

Montel Williams issues apology to Amanda Berry
Amanda Berry & Gina DeJesus (Source: WOIO)

Television personality Montel Williams is issuing an apology to Amanda Berry tonight.

Berry's mother, Louwana Miller and psychic Sylvia Browne appeared on The Montel Williams Show in 2004, one year after Amanda was abducted by Ariel Castro on Cleveland's west side.

During that broadcast, Browne told Miller that Amanda was dead, adding that she hoped she was wrong.

Miller broke into tears on the show.

She died of pancreatitis in 2006, six years before Amanda escaped her captor.

After watching ABC's Robin Roberts interview Amanda and fellow survivor Gina DeJesus, Montel Williams issued a public apology on his Facebook page Wednesday night for the 2004 broadcast:

I saw #AmandaBerry's incredibly courageous interview last night. It was an interview conducted with incredible dignity and poise that stands as a powerful example of the power of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest of atrocities. I'm so sorry that anything said on my show caused her pain, and I am so grateful turned it out to be incorrect. Amanda Berry is a clearly one very strong young woman whose courage should inspire us all.

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