Cleveland mayor issues apology after inflammatory tweets

Big Board: Response to Cleveland tweet

A social media conversation intended to ignite conversation has backfired and now

is apologizing.

The tweets on @CRBCleveland were sent by Blaine Griffin, executive director of the Community Relations Board and referenced tension between police and the public.

One said, "Should Cleveland be burned down like #bmore #Ferguson #hough #central ?"

Another said, "Have heart! Don't hide in the shadows! Should #ourcle be burned down? Speak up."

The board has admitted the tweets were tasteless and Mayor Frank Jackson released the following statement: 

"We all know communication is important. There is much discussion on social media and in the news about a tweet that came from a City sponsored social media account on Monday evening. The tweet was sent from Blaine Griffin, the Executive Director of the Community Relations Board.

I have reprimanded Director Griffin for his actions and the @CRBCleveland twitter account has been deleted. In addition, the Social Media Policy has been reissued to all City employees.

While this incident is regrettable, I know that Director Griffin is a committed member of my cabinet and has a heart for the City of Cleveland. It is important to me to maintain open communication with the citizens of Cleveland at this time.

With so many mediums of communication available, we want to make sure the message from the City is clear that we hold ourselves responsible for what is said." 

Not only were the tweets deleted, but the entire account was, as well.

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