Recipe: French Toast Batter / Stuffed French Toast

Cleveland Cooks: Flour's Stuffed French Toast

Eggs - Whole 5 each

Heavy Cream - 4 TBS


Mix all ingredients in a bowl with whisk

Store batter in a half hotel pan.

Nutella Mascarpone Mix

Nutella 1 Jar

Mascarpone - 1lb


In a kitchen aid whip both ingredients together

Be very careful not to overwhip

Stuffed French Toast

Brioche Bread - 2 inch loaf, 4 each

Nutella Mix 4 TBS


Laying loaf float on cutting board make a parallel incision in middle of bread.

With a spoon or fingers make a pocket in bread

Pipe mixture into the incision

Lightly coat finished stuffed bread in egg mix

Place stuffed toast in a hot pan with butter and cook on medium heat for 2 minutes on each side

Cut in half and serve with strawberries and maple syrup.