Buyer beware of cheap prices

Buyer beware of cheap prices

(WOIO) - It was one of the hottest Black Friday deals: An RCA 7-inch tablet for as low as $100. But days after one Ohio woman bought them, she says something went very wrong.

"Considering this was her Christmas present and we are in April, I'm tired of 'keep waiting, keep waiting,'" says Amy Fulton.

Fulton bought two her of daughters RCA tablets for $100 each during Walmart's Black Friday sale. They were a big hit Christmas morning, but she says after three days they broke.

She says she called RCA and they told her to do a hard factory reset. But that did nothing.

"So I had to pay to ship them to New York and they fixed them and sent them back. We got them Jan. 22," she says.

But the fix was short lived.

"One of them crashed the 28th and one of them the 29th," she explains.

So Fulton says she reached out to RCA again on Jan. 29.

"I told them I did not want them to be fixed. I either wanted brand new tablets or my money back."

They told her she would receive brand new tablets and a shipping label to return the old ones in three to four weeks.

Seven and a half weeks later, only one tablet showed up on her doorstep. So Fulton picked up the phone again and still got nowhere.

"This was supposed to be their Christmas present, and it's February and March, and we're still waiting," she says.

Turns out, RCA is now just a name licensed to several Chinese electronics makers.

A representative of Venturer Electronics in Canada, which handles RCA problems, said they would replace the tablet free of charge. Days later, there was a tracking number for the new device.

Then it showed up!

"I was like, 'Yay! She's going to be so excited!' It was Christmas all over again. It really was," she says.

Fulton says she hopes others learn from her situation and check into the product before they buy. She especially recommends searching for support systems available locally, if something does go wrong.

Complaint sites, like Consumer Affairs, are filled with dozens of complaints about RCA tablets. CNET cautions about buying inexpensive tablets, especially those priced below $50.

Buyers report many issues, from slow webpages to short battery life and poor touch screens. So, remember to do your research before buying an inexpensive tablet, that way you don't waste your money.

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