Carl Monday Investigation: Convicted garbage hauler headed to prison

Carl Monday Investigation: Convicted garbage hauler headed to prison

A man accused of using the city of Cleveland as his own personal dumping ground is going to prison after our chief investigator Carl Monday blew the whistle on him and helped get action.

Long-time garbage hauler Chris Gattarello first came into the spotlight about two years ago when Carl showed video of the ugly mess Gattarello left behind: trash dumped in the middle of city neighborhoods.

Gattarello has now been sentenced to three years in prison for dumping thousands of tons of trash that was supposed to go to a landfill.

Instead, the garbage ended up in an old warehouse and a former manufacturing plant, both locations on the east side.

Carl exposed the environmental nightmare that cause a massive rodent problem in the neighborhoods and triggered investigations by the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, attorney general, and the EPA.

Gattarello's two companies have been fined $100,000.

He will also have to pay to clean up the garbage that remains at the two sites.

Gattarello is awaiting sentencing on federal charges in June. He faces another five years in prison for violating the Clean Air Act and defrauding a business out of more than $1 million.

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