Consumer Alert: Finding great summer travel fares

Consumer Alert: Finding great summer travel fares

If you haven't thought about where you want to go this summer, now is the time to do it since we are just weeks away from the official summer travel season.

Americans are searching for more adventurous summer trips, but also want a deal. That's according to an analysis of more than one billion searches by travel website Kayak.

Thanks to the stronger U.S. dollar, many summer travelers are thinking about Europe.

"A weak euro means more spending power for the traveler, and we've actually seen a seven percent increase in travel to Europe this summer, compared to last summer. If you look at the top destinations to Europe, they include Paris, Rome, Dublin and Barcelona," said David Solomito with Kayak.

Here in the United States, Solomito says one city stands out.

"Looking at the data in domestic destinations, the one that popped for this coming summer is Boston. In fact, four of the top five trending hotels all were in the Boston area. Boston is also a great road trip city because you can get to lots of unique places within a short drive," said Solomito.

Lower gas prices mean more travelers are considering road trips. But the question most consumers have is when to book a flight.

"The Kayak Travel Hacker Guide recommends four to six weeks as the ideal booking window for travel within North America. If you're looking to travel within the Caribbean, you can get away with a bit of a shorter window. And if you're looking to take advantage of all the buzz and excitement around Europe, the sooner the better," said Solomito.

If you spot a flight deal, it's best to just take it before another summer traveler fills that seat.

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