What to do when stopped by police

What to do when stopped by police

Dojuan Nettles and Tanisha Whiting brought their 7-year-old son to the Cudell Rec Center in Cleveland Monday for a serious conversation: What to do when stopped by police.

"I want him to understand and embrace what is going on right now," explained Dojuan Nettles.

"There's too much going on and I just want him to be aware. I don't want him to be the next target," said Tanisha Whiting.

The Cleveland NAACP and Criminal Justice Committee hosted a forum Monday. Their mission was to bring awareness by reminding the community about their constitutional rights.

"When police officers stop you, you have the right to remain silent. It is a fundamental right. People either panic or forget that they have that right, and begin making statements that can be used against them," said Michael Nelson with the Cleveland NAACP.

Meryl Johnson is a retired Cleveland school teacher.

"I taught school for 40 years and I used to have these conversations with my students. But, this is the worst I have ever ever seen it as far as a general distrust of the police," said Johnson.

Don Walsh is a community outreach coordinator. He wants to have a better understanding of how to bridge the gap between police and residents.

"With the DOJ report and things like that I think it's important now than ever to get the information out there," said Walsh.

Different members of the community wanted to know how to interact with those who took an oath to serve and protect.

For this father, it means having that conversation with his child.

"You do what they tell you and let's handle it. You call dad. You call mom. You don't say much," said Nettles.

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