Rafael Hernandez Brito gives colorful Spanish commentary for Cavs

Rafael Hernandez Brito gives colorful Spanish commentary for Cavs

fans are as diverse as the team itself. Some prefer watching the game on TV while others enjoy listening to the game on the radio with commentary in another


In a crowd of screaming fans is Rafael Hernandez Brito, sitting in section 125. From his corner, he gives the play-by-play in Spanish. New to a Hispanic audience on Mega 87.7, Brito calls the plays, does the color and takes his own stats. It's basically a one-man show and he loves it. 

"Every day going to practice and seeing how these guys work and the ups and downs of the season. It's an exciting time. I'm glad I made the decision to be here in Cleveland," says Brito.

Brito has a deal with the Cavaliers to travel with the team and broadcast every single game. This is already happening in six large markets in the NBA, but this is the first time a major sports team in Cleveland has covered each game in Spanish. 

Brito's resume includes the Brooklyn Nets, NFL and Major League Baseball. Still, he says there is something special about Cleveland.

"You don't really hear much because everyone thinks it's a small city. It has so much to offer," he says.

The 48-year-old is from El Salvador but grew up in New York. He plans to live in Cleveland year-round and wants to participate in events in the Hispanic community to get to know his listeners.

If you see him around town, call him "Rafa." Everyone does.

"'Rafa' is short for Rafael, but everybody murders my name," he laughs.

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