Melt owner honored as Small Business Person of the Year

Melt owner honored as Small Business Person of the Year

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Chef Matt Fish has seven Melt locations in Ohio and was named 2015 Ohio Small Business Person of the Year.

He is dishing out a recipe for success for others who want to take their ideas from concept to reality.

Chef Fish is at the top of his game, and his game is gourmet grilled cheese.

"This is recognition of the fact that I am a business person. Which I never considered myself a business person in the past," said Fish.

The grilled cheese guru says home-based, store-front, garage manufacturing and start-up businesses can benefit from SBA programs like he did.

"My SBA people are Clevelanders. They know me. They support my restaurants. And that's something SBA wants to get out. SBA is not for the
big guys. It's not for the people that need millions of dollars. It's small loans, $10,000, $20,000," said Fish.

"He's gotten five SBA loans approved, I think three dispersed, for a total of $3 million to enable this growth," said Gil Goldberg with the Small Business Administration.
Goldberg and Fish say successful start-ups should also surround themselves with good people.

"I find people that are better and smarter and faster than I am at certain things. So I'm really good at certain things and I have a great staff that work with me that are better at a lot of things than I am," said Fish.

"Entrepreneurs like to think that do this all on their own, they make all the decisions. That's correct but it takes a village to get them there," said Goldberg.

Next on the menu for Chef Fish? A visit to the White House with other SBA winners.
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