Driving Tips: What to do if you get pulled over (Part 1)

Driving Tips: What to do if you get pulled over

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, stats showed "driving while black" is a real phenomenon, with black drivers about 31 percent more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. A local police officer has offered tips on the dos and don'ts for when anyone gets pulled over.

Cleveland Police Det. Lynn Hampton reminds everyone to put the vehicle in park.

"That also makes the officer feel comfortable, that there's no issues going on, that you have the car already in drive and you can take off," Hampton explains.

If you're stopped at night, turn on the interior lights.

Roll your window down all the way.

"Sometimes we have a bad habit, when the officer approaches the car, of just letting the window down just slightly. Roll your window all the way down, so the officer doesn't feel like you're hiding something or there's an issue going on," Hampton says.

Keep your seatbelt on so the officer can see you remove your seatbelt. Then you won't get caught without wearing it.

Keep your hands where the officer can see them. 

Wait until the officer asks for your documents before you reach for them. At this point, it's alright to ask the officer why you were stopped.

Avoid escalating the situation.

"Don't take the time, at this time, to actually get into any kind of argument or confrontation with the officer," suggests Hampton.

Go to court and dispute the ticket or circumstance. You will rarely win on the street.  

One of the most important tips to keep in mind, is to remain calm, don't jump out of the car and don't make threatening moves.

"You want to follow the instructions of the officer," says Hampton.

These steps will help you get through a traffic stop safely, hopefully without too much drama. 

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