NOW AT 11: Amanda's story

NOW AT 11: Amanda's story

On the anniversary of a miracle that brought a city together, 19 Action News is telling the story you haven't heard.

You'll see new photos from the day of the rescue of Amanda Berry, photos snapped by her family.

"We kept the pictures private for Mandy's protection. We would like to share this with you Bill [Safos] because you are part of our family. We thank you for being there day and night when Louwana would call you frustrated feeling no one was helping. It gives us comfort knowing she had you.  Thank you from our entire family, love you."

Tonight on the two-year anniversary of the rescue, dramatic images of the very moments that a family became whole again.

A 19 Action News Special: Amanda's Story, up close and untold, now on 19 Action News at 11. 

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