DDIW: Rapid Mac Cooker

DDIW: Rapid Mac Cooker

The only things many people don't like about macaroni and cheese is the time it takes to make it and the dirty dishes left behind.

That's where the Rapid Mac Cooker comes in. It is supposed to be the fastest, easiest way to cook mac and cheese, but you ask, Danielle, Does it Work?

The Rapid Mac Cooker claims to cook a cheesy bowl in fewer than five minutes.

The commercial for the product claims "the patent pending design circulates just the right amount of water for even heat distribution."

Tester Maria Horn was skeptical right out of the box.

There are two plastic bowls in the box, but what makes them different from any other microwavable bowl?

The only way to test the claim was to make mac and cheese twice: once in the Rapid Mac Cooker and a second batch in a different microwavable bowl.

Maria followed the instructions on the box, cooking on high for 2:30, stirring and then cooking again for another two minutes.

At the end of the Rapid Mac's 4:30 cook time, the noodles were not cooked and there was plenty of water left in the Rapid Mac.

The box says cooking times may vary, so she gave the Rapid Mac an extra minute which seemed to do the trick.

She followed the same instructions and used the same amount of water in a microwavable glass bowl.

Again, after 4:30, the noodles were still hard and there was still a lot of water in the bowl. So she added an extra minute to keep things fair.

After that, the noodles were still hard and uncooked.

The glass bowl took another extra minute, 6:30 total, to fully cook the noodles and absorb all the water.

While the product didn't cook her mac and cheese in less than five minutes as advertised, Maria felt the Rapid Mac Cooker did live up to its claim that it is the fastest and easiest way to cook the cheesy favorite.

Maria was also pleased that the Rapid Mac Cooker was cooler to the touch and easier to handle right out of the microwave than the glass bowl.

She also said it is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe as advertised.

You can get a two pack for as low as $13. Amazon customers gave it a whopping four-and-a-half out of five stars.

People who didn't like it said it just didn't cook that fast.

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