New Cleveland candy store propels you back to childhood

New Cleveland candy store propels you back to childhood

is a new, refreshingly retro candy store that just opened in the

in downtown Cleveland.

You'll find pop rocks, candy buttons, taffy and candy cigarettes among thousands of other sweets and treats.

"Candy cigarettes -- people haven't seen these in years. We have the candy ones and the bubble gum ones," said Susan Hale, co-owner of Rocket Fizz.

Susan Hale was so inspired by what she saw on

when the Rocket Fizz company was featured back in January, that she decided she had to convince her husband to open a shop in downtown Cleveland.

"I'm a big kid at heart. I have a lot of enthusiasm. Some people tell me I need to calm down. I'm a sweet freak. So it was kind of like, yeah, let's just do this, and then I can get all of my candy!"

There are more than 200 kinds of pop, featuring flavors you've never heard or dreamed of.

"For those wrestler fans, we have Rowdy Roddy bubble gum. For those that like a little Castro, we have Havana Banana. If you are a chocolate freak, we have chocolate soda."

The list goes on and on. With so much eye candy to feast on, you may forget what year it is or even what the point of Rocket Fizz was. But maybe that's the point: to propel you into another level of joy.

Did we mention the gag gifts? All in good fun, of course.

"This is meant to make people be happy, relaxed. Leave their cares at the door, and come in, and be a kid again," said Hale with a smile.

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