'Pollen Tsunami' brings misery to allergy sufferers

'Pollen Tsunami' brings misery to allergy sufferers

Have you been waking up with red, itchy eyes or stuffed up sinuses? You're not suffering alone.

A nice spring day in Cleveland provides an opportunity for many to enjoy the outdoors, but spring has brought something else: pollen! Many people who suffer from allergies, like Marie Shrout, can barely handle it.

"It's horrible. I try to go outside, but if it's too bad, I just go back in," she says.

Shrout isn't alone. Many in northeast Ohio are suffering from allergy attacks because of what experts call a "pollen tsunami."

Although most trees release their pollen in early spring, that long winter we had delayed the process until now, which is when plants and grass are beginning to release their pollen.

More pollen means more problems.

"If you're sensitive to those tree pollens, you're going to feel miserable," says Dr. Clifford Bassett, medical director of


Researchers believe the climate change will cause allergy seasons to become more intense as time progresses.

Shrout says she finds relief in medicine or just fighting through the symptoms.

"I try not to use anything and just let it go away," she says.

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