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DDIW: The Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle

Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle (Source: WOIO) Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle (Source: WOIO)
The makers of the Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle claim their sprayer can turn your outdoor hose into a water machine.

But you ask Danielle, Does it Work?

"Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle. The first ever household sprayer with the power and precision of a real fireman's nozzle," claims the commercial announcer.

It would take an expert, a fireman, to find out how accurate those claims are.

Assistant Chief Dial attached the Mighty Blaster to the station's garden hose and turned on the water. The water stream did not exhibit the same amount of power as shown in the Mighty Blaster commercial.

"It doesn't feel like it's got a whole lot of pressure behind it whatsoever," said Dial. "In the promo video, they were showing them washing gutters out. I don't think this has got the power to do that. It's just barely moving this little bit of gravel here."

Dial hooked up the Mighty Blaster to an old forestry firefighting hose the station uses for cleanup to see if it would work better under pressure.

The Mighty Blaster sprayer did adjust the stream from a wide spray to a thin powerful stream without a problem.

"This looks a lot more like what they showed in the video," said Dial. "I can understand getting those results if you're on a well with a lot more pressure than your standard water line."

Can the Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle handle your household job? Assistant Chief Dial says – maybe.

"I would give it a higher rating if you did have higher pressure to begin with," said Dial. "If you don't then - no."

You can get the mighty blaster at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15.

Customers who bought it on Amazon only gave it two out of five stars.

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