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Charlie has pulled his last Hustle

Just when Pete Rose started to hope they were pulling him back in, he's out again, and this time, you have to believe, for good. New documents obtained by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" indicate that Rose did indeed bet on Major League baseball while he was still playing, the one thing that Rose has repeatedly denied for almost three decades. A notebook that's been under court-ordered seal for 26 years show that the Hit King bet on at least one Major League team per day, on 30 different days, back in the late 80's, including the Reds, for whom he still played.

My take on Rose has always been this: he walked out of the clubhouse, on his way to the dugout, every day for more than 25 years, and on his way out of that room, crossed under a sign that reminded him of baseball's Golden Rule: Don't Bet on Baseball. This sign has been in every Major League clubhouse since they wore metal spikes, and it meant nothing to Rose, as officials can now seemingly prove. 

Rose, through his attorney, says he can't comment, since, ironically enough, he has applied for reinstatement with the new commish, Rob Manfred. But John Dowd, the former federal prosecutor who led MLB's investigation of Rose's gambling habits a quarter-century ago, did, saying "This does it. It closes the door."

I agree. Forget the reinstatement. Charlie has pulled his last hustle.

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