Cyber security concerns over the holiday weekend

Cyber security concerns over the holiday weekend

Summer vacation season is prime time for cyber attacks.

In 2014, 75 percent of all public Wi-Fi breaches happened in places like restaurants, hotels, and casinos.

When you check into a hotel or walk into a cafe, many people expect to take advantage of free Wi-Fi.

But plenty of people could also be taking advantage of you.

To hackers, hotel guests are like fish in a barrel.

"Attackers know this so they're going to sit in the parking lot and catch people on the fourth floor on Wi-Fi," said Jeremy Schoeneman with Secure State.

He says attackers will come at you with an email attachment to compromise your system or a so-called "man in the middle" approach.

"Which is where someone will come in and set their computer down, just basically watch traffic going across the network. And that's the easiest
way to grab credentials," Schoeneman said.

You can actually hack yourself with a rental car. Bluetooth-capable vehicles download your phone's information so you can use it hands-free. 
But if you don't manually clear the history before you turn the car in, all the personal information on your phone is then available to the next person to drive the car.

Schoeneman says you should only use the free Wi-Fi if it is encrypted and requires a password. If you do take advantage of the public Wi-Fi, there
are ways to detect when your computer is being compromised.

"Something might pop up in your notifications bar saying "you need to update Adobe" or and it's right when you connect to the network. Or when you're browsing the Internet, you can look up at your browser and the URL bar, and you might be going to your bank, but it doesn't say your bank on the URL bar," Schoeneman said.

If there isn't a lock symbol in the URL bar indicating you are on a secure site, you may have been directed to a hacker's site instead.

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