Cleveland wants to train police recruits in Columbus

Cleveland wants to train police recruits in Columbus

The Cleveland Police Academy is one of the top training facilities in Ohio.

19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor has learned that City Hall wants to ship the next police officer recruiting class to Columbus for 16 weeks and bunk them in dorms at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy.

The Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association believes that's a terrible idea.

"The chief said very eloquently he wants to move towards being guardians and not warriors. Well, we are sending them to the most militaristic camp in the state," said CPPA president Steve Loomis.

City Hall just has to sign off on the deal, along with the state, and the next set of recruits will be headed to Columbus.

"Our law department has it and we are close to finalizing the agreement." said Tim Hennessy, the assistant director of Public Safety for the City of Cleveland.

The CPPA is not the only organization against the move. An internal Cleveland Police Department document lists reasons why the move might be a big mistake.

Reason number one: the Cleveland Police Academy has for the past two years been at the top of the state for the academic success of recruits.

Officials at City Hall say they want the academy free to upgrade training for officers already on the street.

"We want the academy staff to concentrate on in-service training as opposed to basic training," added Hennessy.

Another reason listed in the internal police document: the Cleveland academy gives recruits an additional 475 hours of extra training.

"We are struggling to get enough people to take the test here as it is," said Loomis.

The city plans to bring back the recruits for another six weeks of training in Cleveland after their time in Columbus.

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