Ohio pastor leaves pulpit to spread his message on the road

Ohio pastor leaves pulpit to spread his message on the road

An Ohio minister who was hurt in a senseless act of violence is preaching forgiveness from the road.

Dr. Johannes J. Christian from the Adoration and Peace Baptist Church in Columbus is spreading his message of non-violence and anti-bullying by walking. He has already walked from the capital city to Cleveland.

"I'm here tonight because life counts and the only way that we can show that it counts is when we begin to allow love win out over hatred," explains Rev. Christian.

Rev. Christian was severely injured in 2001 when a teen dropped a rock on his car from an overpass. The incident blinded and disfigured him.

The teen pleaded guilty to attempted murder and spent 12 years in prison.

Since the incident, Rev. Christian has dedicated time to helping others improve their quality of life with bullying prevention seminars.

Rev. Christian walked from Columbus to Cleveland for his "Face of Forgiveness" campaign.

"My words to him were, I forgive you and I admonish all the things that you've done to me and how you've changed my life," says Rev. Christian.

Christian, also known as "Forgiveness Doctor," says in order to talk the talk you've got to walk the walk, by being an example for others to follow.

"And most of all it brings about change," he says.

Christian pushed for legislation for a national day of forgiveness. It will be held on August 29th.
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