Rain floods North Ridgeville golf club with profits

Rain floods North Ridgeville golf club with profits

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Last year at this time, heavy rains filled the

with a pool of mud and muck. At one point, the place was so flooded, there was 4 feet of water covering the tennis nets.

"Another 2 feet of water inside the building we are currently in, which is the golf center right now. That completely flooded all eight of our courts, our social areas, blew out a few sections of walls, as well. So, it was a complete renovation at this point," said Dan Hreha, of the North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club in North Ridgeville.

This year, you might say Hreha is enjoying a little reversal of fortune. One of the wettest months of June on record has been a hole in one for his new, remodeled driving range.

"Especially, over the last week, I think the tension built up, not being able to get out. The last few days have been very busy – a lot of calls early in the morning, coming out, playing 18 holes," added Hreha.

Hreha's club now features one of the few PGA Tour Certified Systems.

"This is pretty much state of the art. I mean, great graphics. Everything I hit, my drive goes about 250-260, exactly as I would expect. It plays like you are in the rough. The putting is spot on. Everything is pretty much perfect," described Connor Michelich, of Westlake.

He says he would normally be out on the golf course, but this is the next best thing.

Feel like a round of mini golf? The rain won't stop your game of putt putt.

Nothing can completely replace hitting the links on a warm, summer day, but the next best thing could be a place where the sun is always shining -- even if it is computer generated.

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