New restrictions on teen drivers begin July 1

New restrictions on teen drivers begin July 1
New driving restrictions on teens go into effect on July 1. (Source: WOIO)

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - July 1 marks the start of new driving restrictions on teens in Ohio, including how many people can be in the car and how late teens can drive.

New Beginnings Driving School instructor and owner Regina Spicer has her students ready. 

"For us, it is more than about the dollar. It's about safety," Spicer said.

From now on, probationary license holders under 18 are not allowed to drive between midnight and 6 a.m.  

"This is all a process to help teens to gain better driving skills," Spicer added. "Because as we know, teens have more crashes per mile than any other group and most are at night."

According to the National Safety Council, 76 percent of night-time crashes involve young drivers. 

The new law also says probationary drivers can only have one friend in the car at a time, unless a parent or guardian is along for the ride. 

"Usually, when there are two or more teens in the car, strong personalities emerge and then peer pressure kicks in," Spicer explained.

The new law could affect carpools to school and practice. 

Sharon Harris is all for it.

"I understand parents could get upset about the carpooling, because we get tired of driving kids everywhere. I couldn't wait until my daughter got her license! But this is about safety," Harris said.

As always, every driver and passenger must wear a seatbelt. Driving and using a cell phone is still illegal.

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