RTA call box helps shooting victim

RTA call box helps shooting victim

Anthony Fitzgerald got shot on West 61st Street and Aspen Court in Cleveland and took off towards West 65th and Lorain because he knew there was an RTA emergency call box located near the Rapid Line.

He pressed the button and help arrived, and it was all captured on security camera.

Fitzgerald says the gunman robbed him of his pants, wallet and cell phone. He was shot in the left cheek. The bullet exited through the side of his neck. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center and has been treated and released.

Fitzgerald gave police a description of the shooter and investigators were able to find a blood trail along his route to safety.

His blue pants with a green belt were found in a dumpster near where he was shot.

It is clear that RTA's emergency call box helped get Fitzgerald the medical help he needed quickly as Transit Police arrived within two-and-a-half minutes.

"That incident occurred off our property. That person knew that there was a call box. Recognized it for what it was and was able to get a quick response," said RTA Police Chief John Joyce.

So far, police have not yet found the gunman.

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