Family remembers tragic fireworks death

Family remembers tragic fireworks death

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Jodi Seminsky and her husband Richard dread this time of year: the time when families gather to watch fireworks.

What should be wonderful memories for the Seminskys, year after year, are filled with sad reminders of their daughter Lacey's tragic death.

"I wasn't thinking she was going to die even though I knew it hit her head. I was holding it, cause I was right there ok, hold on, hold on. I did never think until the doctor came in and told us," explains Jodi Seminsky.

Lacey was struck and killed by a six-inch mortar during a Fourth of July celebration in Independence in 1998. A display tipped over and fired into the crowd striking several others. Lacey was just 12-years-old.

"Don't ever think it's not going to happen to you. We thought going to a professional display that it was going to be safe," says Seminsky.

Two years after her death, the Seminskys pushed to pass House Bill 405 changing the law for tighter safety measures.

The couple started the Lacey Seminsky Foundation and have given out more than 80-scholarships in her name. A street even named after their
beloved daughter.

Through their grief, they have found the strength to continue to remind others about the dangers of fireworks.

"If you're going to go to these displays find out where they're blowing them off. Find out who wrote off on this stuff," explains Seminsky.

The Seminskys say they know they can't get rid of fireworks altogether, but they would like to see even more enforcement.

July 2 marks the 17-year anniversary of Lacey's death.

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