Security expert: Terrorism could be eliminated by you

Security expert: Terrorism could be eliminated by you

The patriotic sounds of The Cleveland Orchestra will permeate the crowd Wednesday night, as one of the largest fireworks displays of the year lights up the sky overhead. It's the Fourth of July celebration Clevelanders look forward to every summer.

While most are basking in this year's festivities, former Akron police officer and security expert, Tim Dimoff, says there's no doubt police will be on high alert, especially with ongoing threats.

"Everybody should be thinking it could happen anywhere," said Dimoff.

In fact, if everyone kept their eyes and ears open, Dimoff says terrorism could be nearly eliminated.

What to look for is simple:

"If you are at a fireworks event, you should be looking at the fireworks. If you are not engaged at that event, if you are looking around and paying attention to things except things involved in the event, that's number one."

Look closely at the things people are carrying. Look for a backpack, purse or brief case, for example, that's been left unattended.

"There's got to be a container for the explosives. The goal (for terrorists) is explosives, to make bombs go off. The only way you can have large injuries, many deaths and a large body count is by carrying it in some kind of container," explained Dimoff.

If someone is alone, that may also be a warning sign.

Still, don't let worries over security ruin your fun.

"I would absolutely go to the Fourth of July fireworks. This is America. We are not going to let terrorists or anybody else stop us. But what we can do is, we can all go to these events and have a better sense of what's going on," said Dimoff.

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