Out Of Sync: Cleveland traffic signals under review

Out Of Sync: Cleveland traffic signals under review
(Source: WOIO)

Driving in Cleveland can be a hassle.

Stop and go seems to be the norm on many major streets. Most agree traffic signals are to blame. 

"It seems like the flow of traffic in Cleveland is very intermittent. It doesn't seem like it is very consistent," said Clevelander Robyn Studer. "It will be moving smoothly fine, then not."

On Twitter, we asked you which stretches are the worst and you answered Lorain, Chester, Detroit and Euclid. We drove down all of them never going over the speed limit to test their signal timing.

We took Euclid first from downtown to the Cleveland Clinic, and saw nothing but green.

However, Chester heading west was a different story. Every other light was red. Sometimes they were back to back.

The same thing happened on Detroit on the west side. 

Lorain from West 117th to West 150th was terrible. We hit every red light on that stretch.

That's where we met Blanca Lalinde.

"I'm wasting a lot of gas stopping everywhere," she said. "The mayor needs to do something to get these lights right and fix these roads."

According to the city, most of Cleveland's traffic signals are programmed to be synchronized for morning and evening rush hour, along with average timings. That includes the streets we drove on in our experiment.

City officials say construction is likely throwing off traffic patterns. There's certainly plenty of road work on Lorain. There's also road work on Chester, but the red lights we hit were during light traffic.

More drivers seem to be using Detroit now, because of downtown construction. The city plans to reevaluate the traffic signal synchronization for it.

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