Investigation: Nearly $600K property burns in Bainbridge

Investigation: Nearly $600K property burns in Bainbridge

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - When the Bainbridge Fire Department responded to a house at 17495 Chagrin River Road, the reported fire was already very involved. Although a passerby saw it and called 911 at 5:45 a.m., it was probably already too late.
"This area was very foggy at the time, so this fire could have been undetected a great time before that," says Assistant Chief Bill Lovell.

Being such a secluded location, it was difficult for firefighters to gain access to the home. 
The house has been under construction since 2008, but never lived in, so it was vacant at the time of the fire. However, there was a lot of construction equipment on site.
"Access through the construction debris made it difficult for us to put the fire out," explained Lovell.
With the property vacant, the question becomes, "What started it all?" That will be up to investigators to decide over the next few days.

There was an explosion while crews were in the middle of the fight, after a surge of electricity to the basement.

"While we were fighting the fire, the transformers caused an electrical explosion on the pole. And there was some construction equipment with some chemicals in the basement, and one of the 5 gallon pales launched from the structure," described Lovell.

No one was injured during the incident. 
Online real estate sites have the home and property estimated at $600,000. It is now a complete loss.  

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