Some beaches closed for holiday weekend

Some beaches closed for holiday weekend
Some area beaches under contamination advisory (Source: WOIO)

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - Thousands of people are expected to head to Ohio beaches this holiday weekend, but you might want to check twice before taking a dip.

Dozens of the state's 134 public beaches are under a contamination advisory.

According to health officials, beaches like Arcadia and Utopia in Euclid are too polluted to swim in and are closed.

So David Robinson opted for chlorine clean water.

"It's a bit dirty out there," he said while swimming in a pool. "There's a couple dead fish and probably E. Coli in it."

Parents were well aware of the lake issues.

"Whenever there is a question about it, you won't get people going in there and the kids they listen to the parents," said Olga Trueman.

In Cleveland, the water quality is good at Edgewater Park. Still, bacteria levels were the hot topic.

"Yeah, I heard about the E. Coli. I didn't even check for here. That's terrible," parent Miria Bratcher said.

"I got to trust what I hear in the media and on the news," Paul Jacobs said. "We came down and the sign over there said the water was okay. So we decided to it."

Miller Road Park in Avon Lake was closed though its water is clean. There's just too much of it. The beach is under water due to the near-record level rainfall in June.

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