Ohio: Governor Kasich's veto means cuts to schools

Ohio: Governor Kasich's veto means cuts to schools

Last week when Governor John Kasich signed into law his two year budget he first exercised his right to veto 44 items. Among those was some of the funding to school districts and the biggest loser is Cuyahoga County and Cleveland Metro Schools.

This cuts are a result of Kasich wanting to finally get away from the state making up for a tax that was cut back in 2005.

That's when major tax reform got rid of what was known as TPP (Tangible Personal Property Tax). When that was cut the state picked up a lot of the slack and sent extra money to counties and districts to fill the whole.

Slowly over the years Ohio has been replacing less and less of the TPP.

It's estimated Cuyahoga County will lose $32.9 million in funding in the 2016-17 school year. Of that, Cleveland Metro will take a $13.7 million dollar hit.

Next largest hit is aimed at the Mayfield School District losing $2,578,783 and Solon Schools losing an estimated $2,236,626.

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