Domestic case costs Cleveland officer his job

Domestic case costs Cleveland officer his job
Officer David Anderson loses his job (Source: WOIO)
Officer David Anderson loses his job (Source: WOIO)

A Cleveland police officer ended up in jail and has lost his badge after authorities say he ignored a judge's order not to have any contact with his estranged girlfriend.

In December 2014, Officer David Anderson was arrested for domestic violence.
During a 911 call, Anderson can be heard saying, "You ain't a part of this crew no more."
His ex repeatedly says, "Leave me alone."
Anderson was ordered to stay away from his ex after that call.

Instead, Anderson met up with her at a suburban restaurant.

During that meeting, she went to the restroom and took several female employees with her, according to prosecutors, who said she "told them she was afraid of Mr. Anderson and she suspected he might kill her."

A store video shows Anderson grabbing his ex by the arm and leading her away from their table. A second camera shows them going out the front door.

Moments later, concerned employees follow to make sure she was okay.

Anderson was eventually arrested for domestic violence.

"This man should never again hold a gun or hold a badge or any position of trust in this community," Prosecutor Christopher Schroeder told the judge Wednesday.

Schroeder painted Anderson as the aggressor in continuing a tumultuous relationship.

Anderson's attorney Henry Hilow disagreed.

"He did so because she continued to contact him," said Hilow.

Judge Michael Jackson cut to the heart of the case.

"There are some anger-related issues," he said.

Anderson told Judge Jackson, "They say 'well, you're a Cleveland Police Officer, officer of the court, you should have known better.' Well, my response to that is I'm human, I make mistakes."

It is a mistake that cost Anderson his job and 210 days in jail.

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