Argument ends in gunfire at Mansfield courthouse

Argument ends in gunfire at Mansfield courthouse

RICHLAND COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The Richland County Administration Building and Courthouse was on lockdown Thursday after officials say Michael Skidmore got into an argument with a clerk in the County Commissioners Office during a public meeting.

Skidmore is accused of touching the shoulder of the clerk, starting the argument.

Security was called in and Skidmore struggled with two guards.

He is accused of striking guard Tim Norris in the head several times and biting another guard's cheek.

"I believe Tim Norris was struck on the head multiple times and was cornered up against the wall. The other guards came in and he was bitten on the cheek. You can see the bite marks on his cheek," said Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon.

Norris then drew his weapon and a shot was fired that hit a wall.

Skidmore has been arrested. He is expected to be charged with felonious assault.

Sheriff Sheldon says Skidmore is a man who has not caused any trouble before. He makes a lot of public document requests and attends meetings at the Board of Commissioners.

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