Landscaping jobs a wash in heavy rain

Expert answers your rain-soaked garden questions

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - We have not exactly enjoyed a stellar summer from a weather standpoint. The rainy weather has made life miserable for local landscapers.

At Zergott's Landscaping in North Olmsted, lawn maintenance crews have been consistently three to four days behind schedule.

The grass is growing quickly, but you can't run a large mower on the ground without leaving large ruts.

"There might be some rutting, we try not to if it happens the next time we go in a different direction," said Bonnie Zergott-Wendell.

The biggest concern at Zergott's is that they are about a month behind on their construction jobs like waterfalls, ponds and landscape walls and patios.

At times, they can get their heavy equipment on-site but at other jobs they start and get hit with more rain.

"We disturb the soil, the soil becomes more absorbent to the water, it takes longer to dry out so we're mudding through some of our jobs sometimes," Zergott-Wendall said.

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