Fairview Park residents use sandbags to prevent flooding

Fairview Park residents use sandbags to prevent flooding

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - All of this rain has some cities taking extra steps to keep flooding at bay.

In Fairview Park, residents are using sandbags to slow down water flowing into the sewer to keep it in the street instead. So far it's working, but residents say it's a temporary fix.

In a neighborhood at Lorain Road and West 215th Street, some residents have stopped using their basements because of flood damage.

"You can tell when people's basements have been damaged, because you can look out on the street and you can see who's throwing out furniture and carpet," said Doug Jakyma. 

Jakyma went through the clean up himself -- twice. His neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, says flooding has been a problem for decades.

"This is one of the worst neighborhoods. The sewers are just inadequate. They cannot take the volume of water," he said.

In addition to sandbags, Neighbors say they got permission to put up wooden boards near the drains, too. They say they'd rather see the flood contained in the street, than back up their basements.

Residents have been told the city is working with a consultant to fix the problem. For now, sandbags are their only guard against the rain.

"The sandbags have helped some, but it's still an issue. The underlying problem hasn't been fixed," said Jakyma.

The last few storms dropped several inches of rain water that covered streets and curbs, but the sandbags kept basements dry.

Residents hope the city finds a long-term solution soon. 

City officials did not return our phone calls on Thursday.

The city has posted a packet on basement flooding prevention on its website, called "Mitigating Wet or Flooded Basements." The document, according to the description, is intended to be used by residents as a supplement to the work performed by the city to clean, repair, and seal up the main sewers to further reduce flooding problems.

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