November vote could change the face of Center Ridge Road in Westlake

November vote could change the face of Center Ridge Road in Westlake

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Westlake voters will have a zoning issue on the November ballot, one that will allow what has become a rundown trailer park to be redeveloped.

For many people it is an easy choice but for its owners and residents the decision is not so easy. Schneider's Trailer Park has been a fixture in Westlake for decades, and it is going away. The victim of time and an era that is far from what it once was.

There are only eight families remaining in the park, and 14 trailers where there once were 64. One by one people are moving out.

What had been their homes literally shells of themselves as they are dismantled. For many like Marty Lubrant, moving is a hardship.

"We're renting a house but it's costing a little more than three times as much as it is here and on Social Security that's tough," said Marty Lubrant.

Owner Donna Anderson is the granddaughter of the founder. "It was a hot spot back in the day," Owner Donna Anderson said.

Schneider's began as a tourist camp in the 1930's. Over time a huge chunk of Center Ridge Road was dominated by business after business run by the family. Ice cream, to gasoline, to a new car. The place changed in 1941 to what it would remain for 74 years.

"My dad and my grandpa actually put in the utilities and laid the pads and built out the trailer park," according to Anderson. But the utilities like electric, sewer and water are vintage 1940's, the newest trailer was built in the 70's and bringing everything up to today's standards is nearly impossible.

Thus the request for a change to a higher density zoning. That will allow for things like condo's or senior living facilities. Any proposal like that needs voter approval.

"Hopefully they'll vote yes and we'll have something very brand new nice and modern on that site," Anderson said optimistically.

The deadline for everyone to be out is September 30. The place will likely be empty well before that and the new era begins. The vote is November 10.

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