Thieves target two churches

Thieves target two churches
Shepherd of the Ridge Lutheran Church victimized by crime (Source: WOIO)
Shepherd of the Ridge Lutheran Church victimized by crime (Source: WOIO)

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - The North Ridgeville Police Department reports that two churches were targeted by the same thieves.

"There was a lock on and they took a board and kind of went down like this and popped the lock. Just kind of sad that somebody felt that they really needed to steal from a church," explains Deb Noga.

Noga has been a member of the Shepard of the Ridge Lutheran Church on Center Ridge Road for 40 years and says she can't ever remember someone stealing from them.

The crook broke the lock off the church's shed and snatched a lawnmower. Noga found out about the burglary during Sunday services.

"A lot of times when people are in trouble they come to a church to get help and here instead of helping, they're kind of harming," says Noga.

About a mile down the road, the First Congregational Church was also targeted. A lawnmower and other equipment were stolen from their shed.

Tony Posante lives right behind the church. He says he also locks his things up, but now wonders if the thief or thieves will start hitting houses.

"We'll keep an extra eye out. See what's going on around here. Like I said I usually don't have too much of a problem. This is the first I'm hearing in 15 years," said Posante.

As for Deb Noga, although it may not be a big ticket item, she says stealing is stealing and when you do it from a place of worship, that's pretty low.

"I hope they ask for forgiveness first of all from the Lord cause obviously they need some forgiveness," said Noga.

There is no word on the total value of the stolen property, and unfortunately, neither church has surveillance cameras.

If you have any information that could help, contact the North Ridgeville Police Department.

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