Debris issues at Huntington Beach

Debris issues at Huntington Beach

Judging by the crowds at Edgewater Beach and here at Huntington Beach, you would think visitors are not too worried about getting into the water. After all, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health’s nowcast has the water quality listed as good, but that’s not good enough for some.

"We could only put our feet in the water,”  said beach visitor Amy Crooks Saturday afternoon.

Summer storms can wreak havoc on the north coast then Lake Erie's waters, which collect branches and debris from our creeks and rivers. The debris ultmately ends up blowing and washing that garbage onto our beaches like here at Huntington Beach in Bay Village.

"It's not too pretty I would say," said Crooks.

Cleveland Metroparks took over Edgewater. It used to be a state park. Many complained that it was neglected, but now the beaches are cleaned up daily and for those who have not been here lately say it’s a pleasant surprise.

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