Pizza delivery murder update

Pizza delivery murder update
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

A family is pleading for answers one month after their brother, a pizza delivery driver, was shot and killed on the job on the west side of Cleveland.
Michael Prock was working two jobs to send his daughter to college.
He made a pizza delivery around 12:30 a.m. on Bridge Avenue and West 59th Street on June 11th that would be his last.
Someone shot him-- and he drove around the block where he crashed into a pole and died. He was 41-year- old.
"Not having answers is the hardest part," said his sister Sylvia Taylor.

Investigators say Prock may have been the victim of a set up.

Police say the family that lived at the home where Mike was sent never called Nunzio's Pizza. They weren't home.
His sisters have a hard time sleeping at night with his killer still out there.
"I don't even sit in my own living room, I can't sit in my kitchen. I stay in my room all day until it's time to go to work. Because no matter where I sit in the house, Mike would either be sitting where you're sitting, or he'd be across the table from me," said his sister Melissa Fuentes.
"All of our lives are in danger every day they walk the street. That's cold blooded murder," Taylor said. 

They say Mike was a family man who always put others first. He wasn't even supposed to work the night he was shot. He was filling in for someone else.

"We took care of each other," Fuentes said.
More than 30 days after Mike was killed and his family held a vigil outside of the pizza shop, his sisters are pleading for anyone who knows something to go to police.

"If it was your brother, your uncle, your best friend or even your father, you would want somebody to call," said Fuentes, tearing up. 
"It's never going to bring Mike back, but at least it will give us some kind of closure, some kind of peace of mind," Taylor said.
Prock's family is still trying to cover his funeral costs. You can contribute by visiting their GoFundMe page.

Anyone with information on this case can contact the Cleveland Police Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

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