Trending: Man uses Facebook to find robbery suspects

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A story that shows the potential power of social media. A man uses Facebook as private investigator to find the men he says robbed and assaulted
him. One of those men is now in police custody. Police are investigating and looking for a second suspect.
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Parents outraged after receiving a note from elementary school that says "Children must be picked up on time. If they are not picked up on
time, we will call DHS." The school later apologized and said the letter went out without approval. Now the debate on our Facebook page as to whether or not a note like this one is OK. To join the debate, click here and comment on the story:
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Millennials often get pegged for being "self-absorbed," but experts say their focus on "themselves" may actually be helping them financially.
The access to apps on smartphones and alerts via the phone sure help too.
Here are some tips to help keep you financially sound:
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