95-year-old cancer survivor ready for Race for the Cure

95-year-old cancer survivor ready for Race for the Cure
Family sticks together to raise money for cancer research (Source: Komen)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The Susan G. Komen Akron Race for the Cure is just around the corner, coming up Sunday, August 2.

One woman whose inspiration is outstanding is 95-year-old Ellie Thoryk.

She looks forward to the three-mile race every year.

"I look good in pink," says Ellie. "It's exciting, with all the people and the music, lots of stuff happening."

But, it's what happened to her that has Ellie, her daughter and her granddaughter back for the race every year.

Ellie developed breast cancer when she was 81-years-old. After a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, and then some, she is feeling good today.

Her daughter, Robbie Thoryk, is the team leader.

She is joined by her niece, Lisa Schindler, and together, they push Ellie in a wheelchair the entire way.

It's three generations working together at a cause for the generations to come.

Together, they are always excited to say "we did it" as they hit the finish line.

Those three words also came out again and again as they sat with our Catherine Bosley, looking through pictures of their past races.

It's so symbolic to the three as Ellie just celebrated her 95th birthday. But, Robbie says as much as they're out there for their own story, they're also out there for all the others who are struggling and celebrating.

"You know it's hard for them too. They're trying to run through. They're tired or not feeling well, they're out there and you really need to support that courage," said Robbie.

Part of the experience is all the pink dress-up going on.

Robbie asked Ellie, "You had a pink boa on, what are you going to wear this year?"

Ellie says, "Maybe the same thing!"

For them, all they need are the same smiles year after year, knowing that in something like the Akron Race for the Cure, numbers can do wonders.

In past years, it's meant everything for them just to complete the race.

This year though, they hope they can really bring in some money to an organization they feel played a huge role in letting them have Ellie all these years; long enough to soon meet her great, great grandchild.

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