Animals abandoned and left to fend for themselves

Pets left alone inside west side home
Tenants move out leaving cats stranded. (Source: WOIO)
Tenants move out leaving cats stranded. (Source: WOIO)
Smell is horrendous around the home. (Source: WOIO)
Smell is horrendous around the home. (Source: WOIO)

A cat in the window and a cat on the roof of a home on West 134th street in Cleveland. Maybe a bit unusual, but more than unusual when you realize that they are prisoners in a home that has been abandoned for more than a week since the pet owners were evicted.

The conditions the animals are living in now are horrible. Feces on the roof, inside the home, no litter boxes and more.

Neighbors have been feeding the cats by sliding open a kitchen window and throwing food inside. When they do that they brave a smell coming outside
that would turn anyone's stomach. They were so fed up that they cleaned the back yard, and piled everything on the tree lawn for garbage collection Tuesday morning.

While they worked, rats scurried past. They've complained to the management company, the city, and the APL which did remove two dogs. But the cats and the smell remains.

We reached out to the management company, who said they have put food and water inside from time to time but they too are having no luck in getting
the APL to get the cats out so they can go in and make the place livable.

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified says getting answers is tough. "The owner actually lives in Baghdad I understand and the management company is taking over and this is the second one and they just took over maybe a week ago. So they've been trying to work with us," said a neighbor.

There is good reason for his frustration because West 134th Street is a street where people keep up their property, so the abandoned home is a noticeable blight on the neighborhood.

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