Former Akron Zip calls baseball cut an error

Former Akron Zip calls baseball cut an error
University of Akron cuts Zips baseball program (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Lee Jackson Field is bare and it will remain this way as far as the University of Akron administration is concerned.

Because of financial problems, the school's baseball program is out.

Zips Hall of Famer and former baseball coach Jeff Fisher says the move is a huge error.

"We are being used as a sacrificial lamb," Fisher said.

Baseball is the oldest sports program on campus and has developed current major leaguers like Oakland A's pitcher Chris Bassitt.

However, with a budget deficit of $60 million, U of A officials say they had to pull the team, among other tough cuts.

But, Fisher insists current players were not given an explanation why.

"There are solutions out there that I think are worth the time to consider," Fisher said.

University officials say the budget cuts are a necessary evil.

"I would say to these students that we will be a stronger, better university three years from now than right now, or even two years from now, cause of the pain that we're going through today," said Larry Burns, U of A Vice President for Advancement.

Still, cutting baseball is a curveball no one expected.

"There needs to be continued discussion and open willingness to go through to find out what avenues we have to bring this sport back," Fisher said.

In the meantime, players are left with the difficult decision: continue their education at U of A or transfer to another baseball program.

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