Lorain businesses raided, suspected of selling synthetic marijuana

Lorain businesses raided, suspected of selling synthetic marijuana

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - On Tuesday, detectives from the Lorain and Elyria police departments executed search and arrest warrants at the 611 Market on Colorado Avenue and Lorain Deli on West 21st Street.

Detectives from both departments have investigated recent reports of overdoses in their respective cities, involving the abuse of illegal synthetic marijuana products, commonly known as "Spice." Since July 4, Elyria Police have responded to nine overdoses associated with this substance.

While the chemical components of synthetic marijuana are an illegal Schedule I Controlled Substance, manufacturers continually change the chemical make-up of their products to find a way around the law and continue selling the dangerous substance.

Through a series of undercover controlled purchases, Elyria detectives were able to confirm the source of the illegal synthetic marijuana as the 611 Market and Lorain Deli in Lorain. Based upon that investigation, search warrants for those businesses were obtained and executed by detectives from Elyria, assisted by detectives from Lorain.

The owner of 611 Market, Ziyad Hirbawi, was arrested in association with the narcotics investigation.

Detectives executed an additional search warrant on the Lorain Deli, where a large quantity of "secondhand" property purchased in violation of the Ohio Revised Code was confiscated.

Anyone with more information on the raid can contact the Elyria Police Department Narcotics Bureau at (440) 326-1235 or Lorain Police Department Narcotics and Special Investigations Bureau at (440) 204-2108.

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