Small business offers something Internet can't

Small business offers something Internet can't

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - On the eve of Amazon Prime Day, some small businesses are aware of the big shopping day but realize what they offer is completely different.

At Century Cycles in Rocky River, Tuesday is Sophia's fourth birthday. Her father brought her to the store because her first bike just had to be right.

"If I am shopping on my own, I'm guessing. These guys know what they are doing," said John Vanderoord of Rocky River.

Michael Sanchez needed a helmet and a new pedal for his daughter's wheels, so he came to the shop, too. He happens to be a huge online shopper.

"You could have gone online, got probably a cheaper price, waited for them to ship it - even with free shipping at times, you have to wait. So, in order to get it done easily and the price difference between the service you get over here, and getting something done right away, it doesn't justify having to wait to do it online."

John Vanderoord says he has an Amazon Prime account, but that he likes shopping local, especially on a day when he's choosing his daughter's birthday present.

"It's nice for her, and it's nice for me to be able to walk into a neighborhood establishment, and you just don't get that when you are shopping online," adds Vanderoord.

Joshua Ronschke is one of the managers at Century Cycles. He is well aware of the stiff competition that's out there.

"You can get everything online these days, but what you can't get online is customer service. When we are working on a bike that is one of the things that we pride ourselves on because that's what brings people back," adds Ronschke.

And they do come back.

"I've got friends over here who take care of me," says Gabe Dery, a frequent shopper.

Sophia leaves the store with a new bike and also a new shirt, as a gift from the store for her birthday. It's a small gesture that may demonstrate how everyone should roll if you want to compete with the Internet.

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