Serial rapist sentenced to 41 years in prison

Serial rapist sentenced to 41 years in prison

70-year-old Warren Durham, Jr. of Cleveland will spend 41 years in prison for raping four women in the 1990s.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors announced the sentence Wednesday.

Durham was found guilty of five counts of rape, four counts of kidnapping and one count of gross sexual imposition on June 11.

DNA testing linked him to several unsolved sexual assault cases between November 1993 and November 1995.

Prosecutors say Durham approached his victim while she was walking and either forced or lured her into his vehicle before raping her.

In three of the four cases, Durham used a weapon, including a sharpened pencil held to one victim's neck, a crowbar and a gun.

"Warren Durham is the bogeyman women fear when walking alone. In all likelihood, Durham will not live to see his freedom in 41 years," said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Maxwell Martin. "This is an appropriate punishment for someone who brought so much terror and pain to these women."

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