Diana's Divas gearing up for the Race for the Cure

For the Health of it: Diana's Divas returns for the Race for the Cure

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - As we count down the days to Akron's Race for the Cure, part of the Komen Foundation's fight against cancer, so many participants have so much to celebrate.

"It's a celebration, it's a celebration!!," said Karisa Pyo, of Medina. She's one of the founders of the very popular race team "Diana's Divas."  It's named in honor of her mom, and breast cancer survivor, 63-year-old Diana Fretwell.

While she says her mom will never admit to being a "diva," some might say her sweet "diva" determination is what puts her team on top of the fundraising challenge every year.

But, this year is special. It's Diana's ten year survival anniversary and a time when, especially her daughter, looks back at what they went through.

"When you're going through it ..it's so difficult to see the end of the tunnel, but, when you're able to see someone who survived 5, 10, 15, 20 years…it's amazing," she said.

The team, made up of dozens of family members and friends is pulling in more than 12 thousand dollars this year in donations.  But, they take it a step further, with their own fundraising drives through the year, like a popular casino night that so many now look forward to every year.

While being part of the race is quite a way to give back, it's also a way for, especially, Karisa, to feel empowered in the fight against breast cancer.

Not only is about celebrating the victory over the heartache they went through with her mom, for her, it's also about making sure she's there for her own kids, and maybe even a part of a cure eventually that will protect her three little girls from ever becoming cancer patients themselves. She can't stress enough, that even ten years after her mom's diagnosis and recovery…the race, with so many people there on the same mission "chokes you up and brings a tear to your eye."

The Akron Race for the Cure is Sunday August 2nd.  There are so many ways for you to be a part of it too!  "Diana's Divas" welcome your donations to their team, a team that never quits.

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